Weekend Blog Showcase – Pot Roast with Rosemary and Garlic

Thanks to Lori (All That Splatters) for hosting this week’s Weekend Blog Showcase.   
 If you would also like to participate just share one of the recipes that you have found on a fellow blogger’s website.  Post about the recipe and the blog and then  go to All That Splatters and link your post to Mr. Linky.  See !  It is easy and you have all weekend to do it. 
The blog I’m showcasing this week is  Never Enough Thyme  and her recipe for Pot Roast.  My normal pot roast recipe has a few more ingredients but I really liked the simplicity of Lana’s recipe.   Basically just 4 ingredients.   Beef, Garlic, Rosemary and Beef Broth.

Before going to work I browned an almost four pound bottom round roast, added two whole heads of garlic, about 10 or so large cloves, and enough beef broth to come half way up the roast.   Put the lid on and into a 300°F oven.  All this before 6:30 AM.  I set the timer to go off four hours later to remind Moe to take dinner out of the oven.    He wrapped the roast in foil and poured the liquid into a bowl and both went into the fridge.
A pot roast or a brisket is much easier to slice when it is cold.   And the fat is easily removed from the cooking broth.
All I had to do once I got home from work was cook the potatoes, and the other vegetables; rutabaga, cauliflower and asparagus,  make the gravy and heat up the meat.    For the gravy I used some of the fat off the liquid and a little flour to make a roux and the beef broth the roast was cooked in and I used the stick blender to puree the garlic cloves into the sauce.  
The garlic and the rosemary were the perfect seasoning for my pot roast.

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  1. Oh Ann – this looks amazing. Great photo. I love how simple this is. Happy Weekend Blog Showcase!

  2. Oh I'm intrigued! So simple but must have been very flavorful! Thanks for sharingxoxo Pattie

  3. It looks like a photo in Bon Appetit:)

  4. Barbara says:

    Oh those photos are making me crave this meal!! Is there anything more fragrant while cooking? And so comforting to eat.

  5. a quiet life says:

    omg… those photos has made my mouthwater, instantly… i have been extra dry with a cold, that icky yucky breath thru your mouth dry, the type where your lips stick to teeth… you my dear were an instant moisture drug, they should market you! yep, you really wet my whistle! dang that looks good 🙂

  6. So glad you enjoyed the recipe, Ann!

  7. I'm so glad the autumn weather has arrived and stews and pot roast can return to the menu. This version looks wonderful, Ann!

  8. Joy Tilton says:

    Not sure that my comment posted, so here goes again…we had 38 degrees this morning, perfect roast weather! Does Mo know how lucky he is to have you?

  9. Linda says:

    I have not even had breakfast yet Ann and i could tuck into that plate of food right this second!Looks gorgeous!

  10. Cathy says:

    The weather is turning chilly and I'm craving mashed potatoes and gravy. Scrumptious comfort food, Ann. And I love the way the house smells while the roast is cooking.

  11. cindy says:

    The roast turned out a little dry; not sure what I did wrong. I used a bottom round roast and followed the recipe. Will try again!Thanks

  12. Kara says:

    I love searching the web for new pot roast recipes! I work with La Cense Beef which an approved USDA grass fed program located in Montana. The website also has great recipes and it is so convenient to order the meat because we deliver it directly to your home.

  13. Norma says:

    The photos look so realistic that I'm famished. All I can say is yummy. The pot roast recipes with rosemary and garlic looks to be simple but phenomenal. The internet is a great place to find pot roast that are not only high quality, but were also grass-fed. LaCense Beef is a great place to find meat that is antibiotic free, hormone free, and pesticide free. While I do work for them, they are honestly the only meat I would think of serving my family because not only are they healthier than the alternatives, but they are also really tasty.I highly recommend them. Their pot roasts with corresponding recipes are a great holiday for friends and family,

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