Going Greek

We had dinner with our good friends and neighbours, Barb and Clif,  last night.  I made Greek.  Greek Salad, which is both Moe’s and Barb’s favourite and slow roasted leg of lamb served with both rice and roasted potatoes.   You’ve got to love the way the Greeks serve both rice and potatoes with a meal.

The lamb was browned and then rubbed with a mixture of garlic and oregano.  A cup or so of chicken broth was added to the roasting pan along with the juice of a large lemon,  then covered and  cooked for about four hours at 325°F.  The juice from a second lemon was squeezed over the meat about a half hour before the Lamb came out of the oven.   The meat melted off the bone. 

The potatoes were par boiled just long enough to cook the outer layer, then drained and put back in the pan and shaken to rough up the surface.  Then roasted in a  cast iron skillet with a little olive oil, in a hot oven, turing a few times to brown.  When the potatoes were tender, I added a little of the liquid from the lamb and the juice of a lemon.  Covered the potatoes and put them back into a low oven to stay warm.

Dessert was a flan, but I’m saving that for tomorrow’s Saturday Blog Showcase post.

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  1. Marysol says:

    Ann, have you been reading my diary?Ann, you must've been reading my diary, because last night I had a similar dinner. Which consisted of a Greek Salad…and that's where the similarities end. I was too tired to cook.In any case, your dinner is not one your neighbors will soon forget. And—at the risk of coming off too verbose—I'll just say, yum.

  2. Peter M says:

    Bravo on a Greek meal fit for a Greek! Nicely done on the lamb.

  3. Excellent post! I'm making lamb this weekend and have been craving it!xoxo Pattie

  4. Cathy says:

    Wonderful, Ann! This is one of my favorite meals. On a busy night the salad and bread make a perfect dinner. I love it all!

  5. They are so lucky to have you as friends:) Vice versa I am certain..but how nice is this?:)

  6. splendidi piatti!! complimenti!

  7. Sarah says:

    Great meal. I love lamb.

  8. Linda says:

    I am craving this dinner….The lamb and potatoes look just perfect!Your neighbors are lucky people Ann…I have some feta burning a hole in my pocket in the fridge…if I am feeling better tomorrow…I will use your dinner as my inspiration!L~xo

  9. Thanks Sol. You always make me smile.Peter, I love your blog. We are originally from the Toronto area and have had many wonderful Greek dinners on the Danforth.I'm making one of your recipes for dinner tonight. Pattie, I look forward to reading about your lamb dinner.Cathy, Lamb is a favourite here too. I often make this dish or something similar using lamb shanks.Thanks Monique. Yes we are lucky to have good neighbours. Thanks Sarah and Federica.Linda, I hope you are feeling better soon.

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