Cold Lobster Dinner

It has been sooooo hot here the last week and the high temperatures (mid to high 90’s) are going to continue into next week. With no rain in sight. We usually have a mild summer with temperatures in the low to mid 70’s. I’m not complaining. I love hot summers.

One of Clif’s friends sent him six cooked and frozen lobsters from
the east coast. He gave them to me to do what I wanted with them. Since it was so hot I decided it would be better to just serve them cold. I made a potato salad and cooked and chilled fresh asparagus to go with the lobster and I mixed up my favourite seafood (Remoulade) sauce.

It was a lovely evening so we dined outside on Clif’s porch. As a starter Clif served steamed artichokes with a garlicky dip and then we had the lobster.

TIP: To make it easy for everyone to eat the lobster, I removed the claws and tails. And, then, cut the tails down the middle using kitchen scissors and used a cleaver to crack the claws.

Dessert was a big plate of fresh cut fruit. Pineapple, Cherries and watermelon.

Home Cookin Chapter: Recipes From Thibeault’s Table

Shellfish sauce – Remoulade sauce
This is my recipe. I use it on cold seafood plates. Usually with crab claws, baby shrimps, prawns, lobsters and avocado salads.

1 cup Homemade Mayo, or 1 cup Hellman’s mayo
1/4 cup Chile Sauce
1 garlic Clove minced
1 tablespoon horseradish
1 tablespoon Dijon mustard (Coarse)
splash of Worcestershire sauce
2 tablespoons HP Sauce (or A 1 Sauce)
fresh squeezed lemon juice
fresh dill
salt and pepper

Mix all of the ingredients together.

Taste and adjust to suit personal taste. If you like Horseradish, add more, or more mustard.

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Monica H says:

    My husband would LOVE this. Heck, I would too!

  2. Cathy says:

    Oh dear, I'm practically drooling over your gorgeous lobster dinner. We have wonderful crab here in the Northwest but there is nothing like lobster anywhere near. Your remoulade sauce sounds wonderful. I can at least make that to serve with shrimp and crab. Yum, yum.

  3. I love cold lobster..Wish I could have been a guest:)

  4. I moved from the East Coast, 2 yrs ago, and they have the best lobster. The weather is so warm compare to last year. But I like it so much. My daughter is freezing in Ottawa.

  5. Monica, it really was good.Cathy, Dungenese crab is available here year around and it is a real favourite of ours. Live Lobster is also available but it is shipped in from the East coast.Helene, the best lobster I've ever had came out of the cold waters off of Newfoundland.

  6. Christina says:

    Sounds like you're having our summer, and we're having yours – nothing but rain, rain and more rain (New Brunswick). If you like lobster recipes, I've got more here:

  7. Thanks Christina, One can never have too many lobster recipes.

  8. Katy ~ says:

    Truly a royal feast!

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