Chorizo and Mushroom Pizza

Pizza again tonight. Topped with chorizo, mushrooms and kalamata olives.

I made a stop at the Russells, a restaurant supply store in Victoria yesterday and bought their largest pizza pan. The kind with holes. I prefer to bake pizza on a stone, but I wanted to be able to bake large pizzas without having them drape over the edge of the stone. So I started the pizza off on the pan and then once the dough had firmed up, I slid the pizza off the pan and on to the stone. If the pan had been any bigger I wouldn’t have been able to close the oven door.

Dressed and ready to go in the oven

Ready to eat

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Now THAT is a beautiful pie. I often have to make pizzas on a big pan when I'm making it for company. I love the pan you found! I like the idea of starting it on the rack and moving it to the stone. Perfect blend of both worlds.

  2. Cathy says:

    Your pie is gorgeous. I made one last night and actually managed to get it on and off the stone without a mishap. There is definitely a learning curve here.

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