Chinese and Chocolate

The Ultimate Chocolate Cake

Or maybe I should title this Chocolate and Chinese since Moe had two pieces of chocolate cake before dinner. Around 4:00 pm. I waited until after 7:30 to serve dinner so he would be hungry again. You can find the recipe for Anna Olson’s Ultimate Chocolate Cake here.

I found a recipe for Kung Pao on another recipe blog – Blogchef.

Was very good and definitely a keeper.

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  1. This looks great!! I love Kung Pao Chicken and glad this recipe got such a great review from you. Definitely on my to-try list now.The cake – well put caramel on anything and I\’m sold. This looks fabulous!!

  2. Oh my! There you go again Ann ~ you are such a temptress! *grin*I would be so happy if someone served me these delights. I\’m adding them to my (ever growing) TO MAKE list that I\’ve gathered from your blog and cookbook.Thank you for your generosity in sharing.

  3. I love Anna.. and I love anything Kung Pao:) Great pics yet again Ann!

  4. vicki archer says:

    This looks so delicious – both the chocolate and the chinese – it has made me want both! xv

  5. Linda says:

    Nothing better than Chocolate and Chinese for me…two of my very favorite things.L~xo

  6. That cake looks amazing!Michelle

  7. Marysol says:

    I love Kung Pao, but I\’d really like a bite of that chocolate cake.\”Life is short, eat dessert first,\” is more than just a saying to me, it\’s a religion.

  8. Ingrid_3Bs says:

    I wanna go to your house for dinner. Terrific photos!~ingrid

  9. Anonymous says:

    i think the chocolate cake looks to die for!!!…but how come when i follow the link to get the recipe (anna olson's site) it looks nothing like the simple cake she has in her pic?thanks, martina

  10. Martina, I iced just one layer and drizzled it with my favourite homemade caramel sauce. That is the only difference. I froze the extra layer.Ann

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