I started a same day “Pizza Dough” early Thursday morning at 5:00 AM.

Left out on the counter all day while I was at work and was ready to use by the time I got home at 5:30.

Divided the dough into three pieces.

One that was 450g for Matt

and two at 235g each.

Made two individual pizzas.

About once every couple of years I make Moe a pineapple and ham pizza.

I had a pineapple and leftover ham from last night’s dinner so tonight was the night.

I made a Margherita pizza for me.

Baked in the Ooni.

Recipe was my basic recipe that I use for baguettes/boules/pizza.

Instead of 1000g of flour, I made two at 500g of flour each.

And using the same method I use for bread – Autolyze, Stretch and Fold Method.

Depending on what I am using the dough for, I vary the hydration from 63% to over 70% and sometimes higher if making ciabatta bread.

This dough was 500g of flour, 1g of yeast, 15g of salt and 340g of water. And with the autolyze rests and four stretch and folds done over 2 1/2 hours.

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  1. Phyllis says:

    So you did the S&F in lieu of kneading, at intervals over 2 1/2 hours. Then after work, because the dough was ready, you divided it into three pieces and shaped the dough and made MO’s and your pizzas.
    I hope I got this right because that’s exactly what I did this morning. My plan was to bake our own pizzas with my grandkids, ages 5 and 7. But they couldn’t be here so after six hours and easily doubled, I put the doughs in the fridge to bake tomorrow. now after 4 1/2 more hours the dough in the fridge is at least tripled. I hope it doesn’t collapse before tomorrow afternoon!
    I so want my crust to come out like yours!!

  2. Phyllis , how much yeast did you use? I find that using just 1g (1/4 tsp) of yeast in 500g of flour or 2g in 1000g of flour, that the rise is very slow. And yes, the autolyze and stretch and fold method has the same results as kneading, but maybe even better. I’ve been using this method now since 2014.

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