Pretty Little Pizza

I’ve never actually thought about a pizza being pretty.

But I think this is the prettiest pizza I have made.

Just a simple Margherita pizza.

This is the remainder of the dough that I made on Monday for pizza,

left in the fridge until Saturday. (Five Days)

Left out on the counter while I was at work.

The dough was wonderful to work with.

Stretched out thin with little effort.

I was surprised at the wonderful rim since the pizza was so thin.

The rim is actually my favourite.

I basically use the same dough for my baguettes/boules as I do for my pizza.

But since I was making this dough specifically for pizza I increased the hydration to

70% from my usual 63% to 65%.

500g of bread flour

350g of water

15g of salt

1g of yeast.

I use the Autolyze, Stretch and Fold method,

doing at least four over 2 to 3 hours.

Cover dough and leave to bulk ferment at room temperature until more than doubled.

If not baking same day, after the last stretch and fold

refrigerate for one to 4 (or 5) days.

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