My Favourite Bread Method

Started two 500g batches Tuesday morning.

Both with 500g of flour, 1 to 2 g yeast, 15g of salt and 315g of water (63% hydration).

I use the “Autolyze, Stretch and Fold” method. Mix the dough together by hand and let it rest (autolyze). Then do a series of stretch and folds over the next two hours with a rest period of 20 to 30 minutes between each. I usually do at least four and occasionally more. Depends on the feel of the dough.

Took one of the doughs out of the fridge Thursday night and left it out on the counter until after 4:00 AM Friday. (60 hour cold fermentation, 9 hour room temperature rise, 30 minute preshape rest, then finished shaping with a 90 minute proof).

Baked three baguettes (one missing from picture).


Took the second dough out Friday night and left on the counter until 4:00Am today.  (84 hour cold fermentation, 9 hour room temperature, 30 minute preshape rest, finished shaping and a 95 minute proof).

I baked a small boule with half the dough.

Baked in the Netherton Spun Iron Cloche.

Matt made himself a Potato pizza with the other half. 

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