A few of this week’s work night dinners, that didn’t take long to make.

Starting with last night’s dinner.

Burger done on the grill and served on homemade Kaiser Rolls.

and roasted potato wedges.

As much as we love homemade fries, what I like about the wedges is that I’m not wasting all that oil needed for deep frying.

Grilled New York Strip

Steak is another great worknight dinner. Takes no time to grill. Especially if like us you enjoy

your steaks on the rare side.

Served with roasted potato wedges and sauteed mushrooms.

Steak sandwich topped with fried onions and mushrooms and served on toasted garlic baguette.

There was half a steak leftover so I sliced it up thin and made Moe a steak sandwich for breakfast

the next morning.

Earlier in the week.

Penne with a tomato garlic basil sauce and homemade Italian sausage.

I froze a couple of sausage patties the last time I made them and just had to pull them

out of the freezer.

The sauce takes no time to make and only needs to simmer for 30 minutes to reduce.

Patties were fried, while the pasta cooked and dinner was ready in less than

an hour from the time I got home from work.

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