Moe prefers regular slices, rather than baguettes split horizontally.

So Batards give bigger slices. So I made batards which are like fat shorter baguettes.

And they fit better on the stone in the CSO , baked on the Bread Steam setting.

Started a 1000g dough in the morning before leaving for work.
Left out on the counter for a slow fermentation at room temperature.

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  1. akexus says:

    Your bread looks wonderful! Just wondering if you could give some advice on using the CSO, I’ve just bought one and want to get back into making bread everyday.

    – Do you still use a Dutch oven with your boules or just straight into the oven?
    – How many grams of dough can fit into the oven in one batch?
    – Possible to post some detailed retails one day with measurements? 😀

    Many thanks and cheers!

  2. Hi Akexus, I love my CSO for baking bread. In fact, I had a second one I bought 4 years ago and decided to pull it out of the box and use it only for baking bread. I had a stone cut for the CSO and bake directly on the stone. I’ve found that if I start one baguette at a time on the Bread Steam setting, that after 10 minutes, I can transfer to the stone in the big oven to finish baking and start another one in the CSO which cuts the baking time in half. And each loaf gets the benefit of steam. I don’t usually measure /weigh the loaves, but I did this morning. Someone on one of the groups I’m in asked for pictures of the doughs that I leave in the fridge for a longer cold fermentation. I weighed the four baguettes this morning and two were 240g each and the other two were slightly larger at 260 and 269g. It isn’t so much the weight that determines the size you can bake in the oven, but the length. I can bake short fatter loaves on the stone, or up to a 15″ baguette when it is placed on the diagonal. Once in a blue moon I will bake in a dutch oven, but usually I just shape and slide on to the stone. I have a couple of blog posts with measurements including one with a Hydration Table. See below.

    I’m happy to answer any questions you may have.

  3. Alexis says:

    Thanks for the detailed reply Ann! I don’t have the benefit of a larger oven now, but I’ve seen/guessed that some of your bakes were finished entirely in the CSO (could it be so?) Anyway, I’m very excited to try out the steam function for the bakes, your breads look phenomenal and have made me very excited for using the CSO.

    Thanks for the blog posts, I will check them out. The pictorial ones look especially helpful. What material did you use for the baking stone?

    Alexis (Akexus was just a dreadful typo hahaha)

  4. Alexis, Yes, if I’m only baking one or two loaves I start and finish in the CSO. When I first got the CSO I pretty much used it exclusively
    for just about anything that fit into the oven. All the breads in this post were baked in the CSO…

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