Artisan Bread – Step By Step Pictorial

Artisan Bread made by hand using the 
Stretch and Fold Method.
750g flour (High Protein/Bread Flour)
525g water (70% hydration)
4g yeast
 22g salt
The flour
and water are mixed together by hand,  and then
covered and given a 20 to 30 minute
autolyze rest period.
After the autolyze rest, the 4g of yeast is mixed with a tablespoon or so of water
and added to the dough, along with the  15 g to 22g of salt.
(I use 22g).
Use the pinch and fold method,
to  incorporated  the yeast and salt into the dough.
This is what it looks like after the salt and yeast are mixed in.
Cover and leave for another 20 to 30 minute Autolyze rest. 
After the 20/30  minutes the dough should look like this.
It is loose and spreads out to cover the bottom of the dough pail.
Dough is now ready for a series of stretch and folds.
Each stretch and fold is done 20 to 30 minutes apart.

NOTE:  All the mixing, stretch and folds are done inside
the container. 
 Including tucking under to cloak or create some tension.
No need to remove the dough from the container
until it is ready to shape and proof.

After first stretch and fold.
After second stretch and fold.

After third stretch and fold.
You will start to notice a difference in the feel of the dough.

After fourth stretch and fold.
Dough is holding its shape more.

After fifth stretch and fold.

Sometimes four stretch and folds are enough.
Sometimes the dough needs one or two extra.
I judge by feel.

This is what the dough looked like after
a sixth stretch and fold.

More structure the ball holds its shape.

The bowl was covered and left to rise.

At three hours the dough had just about tripled.  Almost
touching the lid.

Ready to shape.

Tipped out on to well floured board.

Using a Bench/Dough/Pastry cutter, divide the dough.

Loosely shape and let rest for 15 to 20 minutes.
Cover with a tea towel to prevent the dough from drying.

Shaped one batch of dough into six small boules

And the other batch into six small baguettes.

Both were covered and left to proof.

To test to see if loaves are properly proofed, use the finger indent method.

Baked in a preheated 500°F oven
on stones.
I keep stones on two racks in the oven so both batches
were baked at the same time.

The loaves were sprayed with water when they went into the oven and
a cup of hot water was tossed into a pan in the bottom on the
oven for a blast of steam.

Crumb Shot.

Edited to add photos of Pizza.
Crust made using the same dough recipe.

Basic recipe at 70%

750g flour (High Protein/Bread Flour)
525g water (70% hydration)
4g yeast
 22g salt

Sourdough Options

Option (1)

 Reduce yeast to 2g and add 60g to 100g of discarded starter.

Option (2)


60 to 80g of starter

220g of flour
220 g of water

Mix together and cover.
Allow to double.

Add to a batch of bread dough.
780g of flour
480g of water
26g of salt
No yeast necessary if your starter is strong.
If not sure, than add 1 gram of yeast.

Hydration Table
1000g – 65% – 650 g water
  750g – 65% – 488 g water
  500g – 65% – 325 g water
1000g – 68% – 680g water
  750g – 68% – 510g water
  500g – 68% – 340g water
1000g – 70% – 700g water
  750g – 70% – 525g water
  500g – 70% – 350g water
1000g – 72% – 720g water
  750g – 72% –  540g water
  500g – 72% – 360g water
1000 g – 75% – 750g water
  750 g – 75% – 563g water
  500 g – 75%  – 375g water
1000 g – 78% – 780g water
  750 g – 78% – 585g water
  500 g – 78% – 390g water
1000g – 80% – 800g water
  750g – 80% – 600g water
  500g – 80% – 400g water

1000g – 82% – 820g water
  750g – 82% – 615g water
  500g – 82% – 410g water
1000g – 85% – 850g water
  750g – 85% – 638g water

  500g – 85% – 425g water

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  1. Big Dude says:

    Looks very good as always – great tutorial

  2. Linda says:

    Very helpful Ann…thank you!How many stretch and folds do you do each time?

  3. About four to six. Enough to get the dough to hold its shape and form a ball.

  4. Hi Ann, when you stretch and fold do you pick up the dough from the sides and fold it on top? You talk about tucking it under….Thank you

  5. Yes, Stretch it up and over and tuck under. By the last stretch and fold you will have developed a skin /cloak.

  6. Lucy says:

    Hi Ann, How long can you keep the dough in the refrigerator before having to use it? I have made your bread and also your pizza dough and used it the same day but since it is a long process, life can change so your life is not your own the rest of that day, lol!

  7. Unknown says:

    How long does it have to cook for? It says 500 F but not the cooking time. Thanks!

  8. ptw1953 says:

    A masterclass…

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