I’ve mentioned often that I think that bread is very forgiving. Hard to screw up.

I started two batches of dough on Sunday morning before leaving for work.

One was a regular 500g batch with just 1 gram of yeast, 12 gr of salt and 315g of water for 63% hydration. And it was mixed in the food processor for 45 seconds and then given two stretch and folds over an hour before being covered and left on the counter for an all day fermentation.

The second batch was processed the same way but instead of yeast, I used 50g of discard sourdough.

By the time I got home from work, I really didn’t feel like baking but I didn’t want to put the dough in the fridge so I put it outside where the temperature was in the 50’s overnight. Brought it back into the house before 4:00 AM and left it on the counter to warm up a bit.

Shaped four demi baguettes from the yeast batch and

four slightly longer sourdough baguettes.

I wanted to be able to start most of them in the CSO on the bread steam function. Ten minutes in CSO and then transferred to the stone in the main oven. All but one of the sourdough baguettes fit on the stone in the CSO. So that baguette was baked from start to finish in the conventional oven.

I did spray and add steam to the bake but as you will see the crust on the baguettes started in the CSO have a much superior shine to their crust.

I did have my doubts about leaving the batch for another 12 hours more or less at room temperature but both batches turned out well.

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