Vintage Guardian Service Ware

These showed up on the local Facebook Marketplace recently

and I decided that I had to have them.

Definitely an impulse buy.

Five pieces of Vintage Guardian Service Ware.

Bought specifically to use as Dutch Ovens for baking bread.

Picked them up last Monday.

Made four batches of dough that night.

Two 500g batches each with 50g of sourdough discard and 1gram of yeast and

one 750g batch with 60g of sourdough discard and 1gram of yeast

and one 1000g gram batch with just 2g of yeast.

They all went into the fridge after the last stretch and folds except for the 1000g batch which I left out on the counter for a slow overnight rise.

It was ready to divide and shape at 4:00 AM Tuesday morning.

Separated the dough into a large boule, and 7 smaller rolls and one slightly larger.

The 7 rolls were baked in the chicken fryer pan,

the slightly larger roll in the 1 quart pan

and the large boule in the roaster.

Two more boules baked in the 2 quart and 3 quart vintage Guardian pots.

50grams of sourdough discard and just one gram of yeast in 500g of flour at 70% Hydration.

This dough was left in the fridge overnight.

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