Tuesday`s Bake

Revived both my sourdough starters this week.

Fed them both for the first time in two months on Friday night and again on Saturday night.

Sunday Morning Bake

Made two batches of dough Saturday night and baked Sunday morning before leaving for work.

I fed both starters again Monday and then Monday night I made two more batches of dough. Both with 500g of flour, 72% hydration, 50g of discard starter, and 1 gr of yeast. 16g of salt. Finished the last stretch and fold just before 9:00 and left them both out on the counter to rise overnight.

Overnight Rise

Both had more than doubled by 3:00 AM.

I decided to try the “float” test last night. Not something I’ve done. Since my starter has always worked, I’ve never felt the need to test.

Thankfully it floated.

I left it for a few minutes to see if it would sink and it never did.

Tuesday morning , I tipped one of the doughs out on to my dough board

and divided into half and then into 6 pieces.

Preshaped and left to rest for 20 minutes and then finished shaping.

Dusted with flour, covered and left to proof.

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