Sourdough Pizza

Baked two pizzas Sunday night.
Sourdough crusts.
I fed my starter on Saturday morning and
made a Biga.
Saturday evening, the starter went back into the fridge
and the Biga went into a 1000g batch of dough.
Dough went into the fridge for a cold fermentation.
Matt took the dough out of the fridge early Sunday
afternoon so it would be ready to use by the time
I got home from work. 
 Both Pizzas were baked on a stone on the Grill.
Moe and I shared a 
pepperoni and green olive pizza.
And Matt’s  was vegetarian with fresh mozzarella and some cheddar,
 and both black and green olives, tomatoes and green peppers.
Check out the shine on the rim crumb.
Sourdough Biga

220g of water
220g of flour
60 to 80g of sourdough starter

Mix well, cover and leave to rise for 8 hours or 
until doubled


For a 1000g batch of dough at 75% hydration 
add the biga to

 780g of flour
530g of water
27 to 30g of salt

Hand-mix using the 
Autolyze Stretch and Fold method

If not baking same day, dough should go in the fridge.
Use over the next two to four days)

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