Since I had an unexpected snow day, on Friday, I decided I might as well bake. 
Fed my sourdough starter again
 and I used the discard to make another batch of sourdough bread.
Six loaves.
I shaped all of these loaves so that they could  be 
started in the Cusinart Steam Oven
on the Bread Setting.
This setting steams the loaves
automatically. Like a commercial bread oven.
No need to spray or toss ice cubes into the oven.
I have a stone in the CSO, that holds one 
loaf up to 12″ on the diagonal. 
I gave each loaf 12 to 14 minutes in the steam oven
and then transferred them to the Oster French Door oven  to finishing baking.
I have a stone in the Oster Oven that will hold three to four
loaves at a time depending on size. 

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