Chocolate Cranberry Mixed Nut Baguettes

I was invited recently to participate in
a contest being hostessed by
The contest involved choosing items from a list 
and using these ingredients in a summer snack.

You could use other ingredients plus four
from this list:
Chia seeds
Cacao Nibs
Goji Berries
Macadamia Nuts
Green Tea Matcha Powder
Almond Flour
Cacao Butter
Tapioca Flour
Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

I decided to make a 
“Chocolate Cranberry Mixed Nut Baguette”

and  I also added Callebaut Chocolate and dried cranberries.

I adapted my basic recipe as follows:

750g flour
150g milk
375g water
30g melted butter
4g yeast
12g sugar
18g salt
30 g hazelnuts
30g pumpkin seeds (salted)
100g macadamia (salted)
70g pistachios (salted)
150g chocolate
150g cranberries

(NOTE:  I reduced the salt to 18g  from 22g because some of the nuts were salted.)
Mix flour, yeast, sugar,  water, milk, and butter together by hand, cover 
and set aside for a 20 to 30 minute autolyze rest.
Add the salt using the pinch, stretch and fold method.
Cover and set aside again for another 20 to 30 minute rest. 
Do a series of stretch and folds,(between 4 and 6)  20 to 30 minutes apart.
Add all the nuts, chocolate and cranberries during
the last stretch and fold.
Cover and set aside until the dough as tripled. 
This is what the dough looked like after everything was added.
Tipped out on to a floured board and ready to shape
for proofing.
The dough was divided into four pieces and
loosely shaped.   
Covered and left to rest for 20 minutes.
After 20 minutes each piece was shaped into a baguette, 
covered and left to proof.
Dusted with flour and covered with a tea towel.
When proofed  (test with finger dent/poke), 
bake in a preheated oven  at 450°F. on a stone.
Just out of the oven.

And served as a snack
with Brie.  

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Unknown says:

    Are you a self taught Baker, Ann? Or are you professionally trained? Your baking is always presented so beautifully!!

  2. Thanks Joy. I'm just a home cook. Not professionally trained. Have always loved baking bread.

  3. Unknown says:

    Not just a home cook/ baker, a home cook/ baker extraordinaire! And the most generous at passing alone your expertise too!!! Thanks for your boundless contribution to the family table,Ann!!

  4. Deb V says:

    I'd just like to confirm the milk and water amounts. The directions only say to add the milk. Not the water. Thanks. This looks incredibly delicious!

  5. Deb, thank you for pointing that out. The water and milk get added at the same time. I've edited the post. ~Ann

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