Greek and Italian Dinners

Lamb shanks – Greek style.

Chicken Piccata. 
I make piccata a little different using green peppercorns instead of capers. 
(I don’t care for capers). 
Simple pan sauce of butter, a little bit of flour, fresh minced garlic,
 chicken broth with green peppercorns, and the juice of a whole lemon.
 Finished with minced Italian parsley.
Sides were roasted potatoes, 
and whole shallots, broccoli, 
cauliflower, zucchini and red peppers.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Big Dude says:

    Two great looking meals and I'm a fan of the capers

  2. Unknown says:

    Love to get the recipe for the lamb shanks – Greek style

  3. Not really a recipe. More just a guideline. You can find it here on another one of my blog posts…….

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