I’ve been neglecting my sourdough starter.
 It had been at least six weeks since it was last fed.
Thankfully it is very forgiving.

I fed it Thursday night with freshly ground organic rye and spring water.

Rather than throw it out, I also fed the discard with half white and half rye.
Both had double by early morning.
I fed them again Friday morning around 6:00 AM with just white.

This picture shows that they had almost doubled before 8:30AM.
I put them into the fridge before leaving for work.

Friday night, I hand-mixed up a batch of dough
using 100g of the starter with 750g flour, 510g water
18g salt.

After the last stretch and fold the dough went into the
fridge for an overnight fermentation.

This is what it looked like Saturday morning. 
Almost doubled.
Matt took the dough out of the fridge at 3:00 PM 
so that it would be almost ready to shape by the time I got home for work.

Bread came out of the oven around 9:30 PM.

And was sliced in the morning
Moe’s breakfast.
Toasted and served with scrambled eggs.

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