Tarte Flambee and Bread

I started a batch of dough on Monday.
Most of it went into the fridge for a 24 hour fermentation.
But I took enough out to make dinner.
Tarte Flambee – Flammkuchen
Topped with garlic seasoned Creme Fraiche
sauteed onions and bacon.
The bacon is on one side only because Matt doesn’t like pork.
I took the rest of the dough out of the fridge at 5:30 AM today
and the dough was ready to shape at 7:45 AM.
Tipped it out on to a well floured board.
Cut into portions using a stainless dough scraper.
Careful not to degas.
Shaped into eight small Boules.
Left to proof until almost doubled.

Just out of the oven.

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  1. Another winner. Mine looks decent, but never as good as yours. p.s. I never heard of not liking pork. 🙂

  2. Thanks Madonna. It isn't the taste of pork actually that he doesn't like. He thinks pigs are smart like dogs so we shouldn't eat them.

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