Wild Yeast Sourdough

I fed both sourdough starters on Monday.
And three ounces of excess starter went into a Biga.

The one on the left was fed with rye and had doubled within three hours.
The one on the right was fed with white and wasn’t far behind.
I left them both out a little longer 
before putting them in the fridge.
When the Biga had doubled it went into  
a batch of dough. 
1000 g flour
540 g Biga
740 g water
26 g salt
Hand mixed using the pinch and fold technique.
After the first rise it went into the fridge for 
a longer fermentation.
Pulled out early this morning.  
Needed a few hours to warm up.
 Shaped into small loaves – ovals and small baguettes.
Moe’s Lunch

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