More Sourdough

Another catch-up post.
Bread this time.

Sourdough Rye.
I baked another batch of sourdough rye
just so we could have corned brisket sandwiches.
I wasn’t able to get the corned brisket that I wanted in time for Saint Patrick’s Day
so I had to settle for one from a different supplier.
But my local grocery store was
 able to get in what I wanted after the fact.  
From a local organic beef farm.
 I bought two.
One I slow roasted for sandwiches and
the other one is in the freezer.
I promised Matt that the next time he and Dana visited I would make it for them.
These loaves are from last week.
Made from white flour.
But two were started with a white sourdough Biga and two from a rye sourdough biga.
 Saved enough dough to make a Pizza.
Topped with homemade Italian sausage and sauteed mushrooms.

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