Breakfast Post

I’ve been neglecting  my blog recently
so today I am going to do a couple of what I call
‘Catch-Up Posts’
Starting with breakfast.
Breakfast is Moe’s favourite meal.
So most of the following breakfasts are meals I have made just for him over the last couple of weeks.
Contrary to what the following looks like, Moe does not have eggs every day.
Sometimes he has cereal or
 toast and jam. 
Homemade jam. But not by me.
My friend Leola from Leola’s Studio 
keeps Moe supplied with her homemade jam.
Homemade biscuits.
Served with sausage gravy.
Scrambled eggs over fresh steamed asparagus.
Toasted homemade baguette.
Had planned to grill this Porterhouse steak for dinner one night, and didn’t,
so it became breakfast.
Steak and Eggs
with butter basted farm fresh eggs, fried potatoes
and toasted sourdough bread.
Homemade rye toast, with hard boiled eggs.
Homemade Sourdough bread.
Toasted and served with scrambled eggs with tomatoes and chives.
Chives from our garden.
Butter basted eggs from a local farm.  
The eggs were laid the day before.


14 Comments Add yours

  1. deb says:

    I just love your photography – and I'm sure I'd love your breakfasts as well!

  2. gld says:

    Breakfast is our favorite meal too! Usually the basis is: Fresh, raw milk from my cow; our own eggs and either biscuits or toasted home-made bread…..good country breakfasts! I gave up trying to make your French bread. It defeated me soundly!

  3. Big Dude says:

    They all look good and I especially like the looks of the asparagus one. I do eat eggs almost every day – scrambled egg sandwich today.

  4. I have your biscuit recipe taped (with painter's tape) inside my kitchen cabinet. I make a deceit biscuit, but I want them to be beautiful like yours. Madonna

  5. Your breakfasts would be that much better, made with fresh milk and your own eggs. ~Ann

  6. Thanks Larry. I'm not telling Moe that you get to have eggs everyday. ~Ann

  7. Madonna, I'm sure your biscuits are beautiful.

  8. Unknown says:

    Just curious how do you toast your bread ?

  9. Kandice, I love my toast \”well toasted\” . I have a Cuisinart toaster oven. I find toaster ovens are better for toasting homemade breads, because the slices can be any size and still fit. I often slice baguettes horizontally and I toast them using the toast/bagel setting.~Ann

  10. Katie Mc says:

    Everything looks amazing! There is a delicious looking tomato in the middle of the plate with the sliced steak. How did you prepare that tomato?

  11. Kate, sometimes I roast them in the oven, sometimes on the grill and sometimes just sauteed cut side down in olive oil. That one was just heated on the grill along with the steak.~Ann

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