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  1. Kat says:

    Your bread looks beautiful! I need to practice, practice, practice!

  2. I was asked the other day if I liked our style of pizza or Italian pizza better and I have to say I prefer our bread like dough to the chewier doughs of Italy. For shame.

  3. Superb !And the board w/ the rough edge is pretty pretty too!

  4. Val, as long as the crust is thin…

  5. Thanks Monique. I think it is pretty too. And it really isn't even a board yet. It is just a piece of wood. Moe is still recuperating from his shoulder surgery and isn't making boards yet. I wanted to see the figures in this piece of wood so I oiled it and the figures of quilt and tiger stripe just popped. Will make a spectacular board when it is finished. But in the meantime it makes a nice background piece.~Ann

  6. Unknown says:

    These are beautiful…and your boards are amazing, too!

  7. I have not bought a loaf of bread in about six years. Even though I make bread every week and everyone seems to love my bread, I am still on a perpetual search. I am think it is in technique and not in my recipe. Do you have any tips you would care to share? This looks gorgeous.

  8. Big Dude says:

    Your baguettes always look soooo delicious and the little pizza look awesome

  9. I have a number of post on the blog about bread dough and baking baguettes.Here are a couple that you might look at. http://www.thibeaultstable.com/2012/05/baking-steps.htmlhttp://www.thibeaultstable.com/2012/05/baking-steps-continuation.html

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