Bake Day – First of the New Year

Baguettes and Pizza 

Started the dough for this bread last Thursday, January 3rd.
I used a little of that dough to make a flat bread to use for something else and the remaining dough went into the fridge.
It had to be knocked down twice during the week as it threatened to blow the lid off the dough pail.
Yesterday I added another four cups of flour,  and one teaspoon of yeast to the mix, salt and enough water to make a very wet dough. 
The dough went through two more rises.
Divided the dough in half and baked four baguettes.
 Two large and two small.
Used a 1/3rd of the remaining dough to make
four mini pizzas  for dinner
(or Pizzettas as Luisa of Luisa’s Catering calls them)
And the leftover dough  is back in the fridge 
and will be used sometime over the next week.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Everything appeals to my senses:)I remember trying to make your bread..I still ahve the pot:) w/ the lid..But somehow they never matched up to yours..I will just continue to covet:)

  2. Love the recycling aspect of this recipe. A recipe that keeps on giving.

  3. Such beautiful photos of the \”staff of life.\” And those little pizzas, perfectly named and so delicious looking.

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