I Cheated…………

It had been my good intention to roast another chicken and make hot chicken sandwiches for dinner Friday night.
My intentions really were good. 
I even called Moe before leaving work and asked him to preheat the oven to 500°F so it would be ready to go when I got home.
I stopped at the grocery store, still with good intentions to pick up a roasting chicken. 
But on the way to the fresh meat counter I passed the Rotisserie Chickens. 
And that  was when my good intentions went all to He!!. 
  So I cheated…….  I bought a rotisserie chicken.

The perfect shortcut.

All I would have to do when I got home was make the fries and heat up the leftover chicken gravy
 and the  traditional canned peas.
And turn off the oven.
Dinner was ready in no time at all.  
Hot Chicken Sandwiches, homemade chicken gravy, peas and

double fried fries .

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  1. I used to like picking those up as a treat.. once a year I think:) If only to remind me of the ones my mom bought.So good Ann:)

  2. Anonymous says:

    I can see no one so deserving to \”cheat\” on dinner than you! Please enjoy the \”cheat\”, as you provide so much to all of us for wonderful and savory recipes.Regards Denimflyz

  3. Linda says:

    Only you could make a storebought roast chicken look as good as that!OMG I want that dinner now!

  4. Gloria says:

    You did NOT cheat! You had the home-made gravy which is the most important part! Chicken is chicken — and the 'store bought' ones sometimes come out more juicy that the ones we make ourselves. ;)And this SO reminds me of when I was little and NOW too: when I was little my mother always made \”hot sandwiches\” with the leftover chicken and gravy or turkey and gravy; and, to this day, I still make it for my son and I! We love it. Yours certainly looked delicious. Wish had that right now… the fries too! And we also like our hot sandwiches with peas too. ;)Best,Gloria

  5. You crack me up Ann ~ I'm so glad to know that you, the queen of roasted chicken, happens to have those same moments that I do at times. I find them very tasty, and so convenient. If I lived closer to town I would do that more often, I know your homemade chicken gravy and delicious homemade fries just put this dinner over the top ~ it looks beautiful. I would not have one complaint if I were served this delicious meal.And as always, such beautiful and appealing images. Nice job! xo

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