Appetizer Dinner………….

 Last night’s dinner was as simple as it gets.  
  Everything on the platter was “purchased”.

We were in Victoria for most of the day yesterday and had a late “Dim Sum” lunch.  
Knowing we weren’t going to want a big dinner, we stopped at 
a favourite little  shop  – 
and bought a few things to pick at for dinner.  
This shop is really a food lovers gem.   
If you live in Victoria or anywhere on Vancouver Island for that matter, Charelli’s is definitely worth a special trip.
So many wonderful goodies, many of them homemade such as the 


Butter Bean salad

I also picked up  hot Genoa Salami, 

mixed marinated olives and 

the most decadent rich and creamy Gorgonzola Torta. 
I love this cheese. 
Gorgonzola layered with creamy Mascarpone.
And of course a baguette.

12 Comments Add yours

  1. Kathy Walker says:

    Wonderful photographs! Everything looks just perfect. I love appetizer dinners…

  2. Ms. Bake-it says:

    I love appetizer dinners. We sometimes have them on Saturdays. Yours looks wonderful. Great photos!~ Tracy

  3. I could eat this every day.

  4. Lee says:

    OH NO! Are you saying you BOUGHT the baguette?Seriously, everything looks delicious, the photos are spectacular and I could just dive into the Gorgonzola Torta.Lee

  5. Ahh, this is exactly what I do for dinner sometimes, we call it a smorggy, short for smorgasboard (sp?) and the family loves it. I just lay it all out on my biggest cutting board and let everyone dig in.Yours looks really ready to be eaten up!Thanks.

  6. These remind me of one photo you too w/ the sangria too I think on one of your boards yrs ago..when I first bought 4:)I love the photos.So Ann.Happy Easter to you and M and M.

  7. Love your dinner and great photo's…we have these type of dinners quite often

  8. Carolyn™ says:

    I saw the word Victoria and had to check it out – the photos and food look great. I am in Australia and one of our States is Victoria and most years I go to Melbourne the main city and we do similar to what you have done we have a late yum cha in China Town and then for dinner have \”things\” we pick up at the markets or speciality shops. Last year we went to the Prahan Markets and had a lot of homemade things squirreled away in our fridge.

  9. Wow, that cheese looks amazing, Ann. And you're making me antsy to get back to BC…love your province 🙂

  10. Linda says:

    My kind of meal! Happy Easter my friend!

  11. Janine says:

    Happy Easter Ann!! Loving your fabulous dinner!! This is what my appetizer will look like tomorrow for family on my \”Ann Thibeault\” board!!!

  12. Oh YUM! You really do make me hungry for more!!!

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