Parmesan and Black Pepper Biscuits

I wanted  cheddar cheese biscuits for breakfast. Unfortunately, I was out of cheddar so instead, I grated some ParmigianoReggiano and added some black pepper. 


I offered to make Moe bacon and scrambled eggs to serve with the biscuits but he was happy with just biscuits topped with butter.

I used my regular biscuit recipe which can be adjusted by adding different cheeses, herbs or even bacon or ham.

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  1. Linda says:

    Those are pretty little babies! Yum!

  2. fuat gencal says:

    Çok muhteşem olduğunu söyleyebilirim. Çok leziz ve iştah açıcı ellerinize sağlık.Saygılar.

  3. My best friend LOVES Parmesan biscuits and so do I- I don't blame Moe! Great postxoxo pattie

  4. Cathy says:

    Your biscuit recipe is my absolute favorite, Ann. I could make a breakfast of these too. Delicious photos.

  5. 2 Stews says:

    I grew up eating biscuits and love them every which way. Pepper and Parmesan sound wonderful. Thanks for sharing, I know my family will thank you, too!

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