Breaded Chicken Fingers

I was at work yesterday and suddenly got a craving for breaded chicken fingers.   Go figure.  I almost called the restaurant which is close by and ordered some in for lunch.  But decided if I still had a craving by the time I got home, I would make them for dinner.   
Well, I did still crave chicken fingers so thank goodness boneless chicken breasts don’t take long to defrost.  While the chicken defrosted I cut up a loaf of bread and processed it into crumbs and added some fresh grated parmesan cheese.  I love using fresh bread crumbs to bread chicken. 
Once the chicken had defrosted enough it was cut into fingers, pounded out, rubbed with fresh garlic that had been pureed on a microplane, salt and peppered and then dipped into seasoned flour, egg and the bread crumbs.
 I pulled out my electric skillet to fry the chicken strips.

And if you are going to have Breaded Chicken Fingers you might as well have homemade fries too.

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  1. Linda says:

    Yummy Ann…looks like a wonderful meal!

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