His and Her Pizzas

I’m boring when it comes to pizza.  I tend  to stick a few of the more traditional toppings, like, pepperoni or Italian sausage, sauted mushrooms and maybe olives.     Moe is happy with whatever I make, but he also enjoys a few other toppings that I don’t care for.   Last night I  made the mistake of asking him what he would like on our pizza.   He requested bacon, tomato and onion.  So……….

instead of an “our pizza” I made his and her pizzas.

  Moe’s was topped as requested with  bacon, onions and chopped tomato

 and mine
with sauted mushrooms and bacon.
I should have left the bacon off of mine.   As much as I love bacon I didn’t enjoy it on my pizza.

The crust was wonderful.  Made from dough that had been in the fridge since Monday.  I had enough dough left from Monday’s batch to make the two pizzas and also a  loaf of bread. 

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  1. super questa pizza!! ciao!

  2. Kathy Walker says:

    Great idea! Why I have never thought beyond one pizza, I will never know. Sometimes the obvious seems to pass by me!!

  3. Cathy says:

    That's what I love about pizza. It's so easy to cater to individual tastes. I would have to side with Moe on this one. Your pizzas are always mouthwatering, Ann. Wish I could reach into the screen and help myself to a slice.

  4. I'm with you- love bacon but not on my pizza. I actually much prefer no meat on pizza except maybe chicken occasionally. I agree with Cathy- your pictures are delectablexoxo Pattie and Allie

  5. I love it!! His and Hers! so Cute. I also love bacon on my pizza, although I love bacon on everything. I even have little chocolate piggies in my candy shop with bacon in them. They sell like crazy. I do love mushrooms too though. Bacon and Mushroom sounds so perfect.Rebecca New England Candy Co.

  6. Nice pies! Bacon is a great topping-I also do the his and hers-makes for plenty of leftovers too-

  7. Holly says:

    Oh they both look soooo delish!!

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