First Weekly Bread Post of 2010

I doubled up on my bread baking just before Christmas and had enough of our favourite baguettes in the freezer to get us through until this week.  Took the last loaf out yesterday for Moe’s breakfast.   So now I’m back to baking on my days off.  Truth be told, I’m glad.  I really enjoy the process and the results.

So yesterday I kneaded up (or at least the Magic Mill did) a double batch of Baguette dough and after the first rise it went into the fridge for slow cold second rise.   It is now sitting on the counter and will be baked later this morning.  It will need about 3 hours to come to room temperature before it can be shaped.

Since it was still early in the day, I decided to knead up another double batch of bread dough.      I found a picture of a pretty braided loaf on another blog – Chef in You.  The recipe  titled  – Zopt – Swiss Braided Bread – is more of a  traditional white bread enriched with milk, butter and eggs.
The dough was very soft and easy to work with.  I made a double batch. Baked one large braided loaf , three large knotted rolls and 4 large kaiser style buns.
Moe  and I shared one of the knotted rolls (afternoon snack) . He hadn’t realized that I was baking something different from my norm.   His response after the first bite was “this isn’t “YOUR”  bread”.   It isn’t that he didn’t like the bread, just that he much prefers the French bread.
I divided up  the six remaining  rolls/buns and shared them with two of our neighbours.
Moe’s breakfast this morning was toast  with homemade Plum jam.
The recipe for this Swiss Braided Loaf  can be found here on Chef In You.

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  1. a quiet life says:

    this is such an art form… just gorgeous~

  2. Ann really have cornered the bread market 🙂

  3. Jain and Monique, thank you both for all your support and encouragement. If it wasn't for both of you I would not have started blogging. I value your friendship.

  4. Sarah says:

    This is beautiful! I love the look of poppy seeds.

  5. wow wow che meraviglia!!! complimenti!!!

  6. Jo says:

    These breaded rolls look really good, fluffy and soft. I love your braiding skill cause I suck at it! Great pictures as well.

  7. Linda says:

    This looks like Challah and challah rolls to me…Just gorgeous and try using it for French Toast…it will be the bomb!Gorgeous Ann!L~xo

  8. Thank you for commenting.Jo, this bread was very easy to braid. The secret is to make sure each strand is the same size.Linda, similar but not as eggy or as sweet as most of the Challah breads I've had.

  9. Ann, the bread is so beautiful! (Actually, all of your breads turn out beautifully!!) You know how much you have inspired me in many areas but especially in the bread-making arena. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    The bread all looks lovely. Happy belated blog anniversary.

  11. Katy ~ says:

    No one does this better than you. Absolutely divine. The bread of life for sure!

  12. What gorgeous loaves they are! I love poppy seeds on bread too.

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