Leftover Christmas Turkey

Christmas Turkey
 There were five of us for Christmas dinner.  Moe, Matt and I and our neighbour Clif and his son Chris.  I roasted an 18 pound turkey(pre-salted and roasted at 500°F) so there was lots leftover.   The turkey was cooked in less than 2 1/2 hours. 
While cleaning up after dinner I cut up the carcass, putting the legs, wings and back bone in the stock pot and let it simmer on low all night.  The remaining half breast went into the fridge.  I also refrigerated about 8 cups of leftover rich turkey gravy.
 My favourite way to use up leftover turkey breast is – Hot Turkey Sandwiches

Homemade fries and canned peas. What I call diner food.  Normally I wouldn’t serve leftover stuffing/dressing with a hot sandwich but my stuffing was so good (if I do say so myself)
 The dressing was a combination bread/corn bread stuffing. 
The fries were made from Russet potatoes and were double fried.  

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  1. Everything looks wonderful, Ann – from the original turkey dinner to the hot turkey sandwiches!! A good dressing is high on my list of favorite foods – yours looks great. And I love a hot turkey sandwich. Yum!

  2. gld says:

    I had to laugh at this one Ann. I thought the same thing about my dressing! I even like it cold and ate a bunch before it was baked. There isn't much left, but I will finish it off with our hot turkey sandwiches at lunch today.

  3. Katy ~ says:

    I am sooooo holiday-fooded out right now, but I look at that plate, and I think, well…maybe…just one more little bite…

  4. Happy New Year Ann! I can just taste that bird of yours:)

  5. Linda says:

    Now I want turkey!We had Prime Rib…I looked at your turkey and I want it….maybe I will just make one anyway…The dressing looks fabulous….just what I have been craving!L!xo

  6. zerrin says:

    Hot sandwich is a great idea to use leftover turkey. Looks so tempting! I can have all these right now. Happy new year to you and your family!

  7. Cathy says:

    My Christmas ham was wonderful, but I would give an arm and a leg for one of your turkey sandwiches. I can practically taste it now, Ann. May I stop by for a plate?

  8. Zurin says:

    Oh Ann…you mak eme feel so hungry..that looks amazing 🙂 happy new year!

  9. I KNEW I shouldn't have come to your blog right before lunchtime! Ooh la la ~ you could knock me over with a feather… everything looks so absolutely delicious. Ann, you always have such an appealing way of plating and catching the images in such a perfect way. Well done (as always!)

  10. Memória says:

    Okay, every single thing on that plate looks scrumptious, but those french fries are calling my name! I love that cut of french fries. I need to cut them like that from now on.

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