Pizza Margherita

Pizza was on the menu here last night. I still had the other half of the dough I made on Wednesday so I baked a pizza and another loaf of bread. Moe pulled the dough out of the fridge a couple of hours before I got home from work so that the dough would be at room temperature and almost ready to work with.

Pizza Margherita. Simple but delicious. Just sauce and bocconcini cheese.

Pizza Sauce

After playing around with many different pizza sauces over the years this is the one that I came settled on as my favourite. It is an uncooked sauce with lots of flavour.

1 28 oz can quality Italian Tomatoes
2 cloves of garlic
fennel seed
2 to 3 Tablespoons olive oil

salt and pepper

Puree tomatoes with the minced garlic. Grind the fennel seeds. Add the seeds and the oregano, basil, and the olive oil and mix together.

NOTE: I use a stick blender and blend all of these ingredients right in the can.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Monica H says:

    This looks incredible. Oh now I want pizza!

  2. That pizza looks awesome!!You also get printable coupon for pizza at

  3. Katy ~ says:

    Now I am totally dissatisfied with our takeout pizza from last night. Do you deliver?

  4. Ann I love this pizza, and I am going to make it this week. If you go to my blog you will see that I have it on the menu and I have linked it to this post!Thanks,Yvonne

  5. Rettabug says:

    I have been saving a big can of San Maraano tomatoes for just this recipe!!! Hoping I can get the dough going before Ms. Caroline arrives to play with Nana all day! Then we can have it tomorrow or Wed.I am anxious to try it along with the Greek version you posted today, Ann. Now I have to go look up \” bocconcini cheese\” ??? LOL Never fail to learn something from you, sweet lady! Thanks!

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