Baguettes, Boule and two loaves of Oatmeal Bread

Started a batch of Rye bread Monday and baked it first thing yesterday morning.

It had been in the fridge for a cold proofing overnight.

Sliced for breakfast.

Montreal Smoked Meat sandwich on Rye.

Started two batches of baguette dough with some sourdough discard as well as a small amount of yeast.

The 600g batch went into the fridge after the last stretch and fold for a cold fermentation. Destined for pizza today.

The 1000g batch was left out on the counter for a room temperature fermentation and baked late in the day. Netted six baguettes and one large boule.

And late morning I decided to make James Beard’s Oatmeal bread. Hadn’t made it in years and forgot how good and easy it was.

Sliced this morning.

And Moe had the crust buttered for an early morning snack.

This loaf makes a wonderful sandwich bread.

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  1. Patrick T says:

    Amazing, as always! Thanks for sharing.

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