I started two batches of dough in Friday night, both the same.

500g of flour, 1.5g of yeast, 15g of salt and 315g of water (63%).

Using the autolyze, stretch and fold method over a 2 hour period.

Left both containers covered, out on the counter overnight (8:00 PM until 4:00 AM).

Did a preshape and about 20 minutes later finished shaping and left to proof.

(I staggered the two by 30 minutes because I wanted to bake them both in the Cloche)

Baked one Boule and one Oval/Batard.

Cloche went into the cold oven, resting on the stone that I keep permanently in the oven and preheated to 500°F.

Much easier to transfer the loaf to the shallow base of the Cloche than into a Dutch Oven.

Bake under the Cloche for 25 minutes and finished uncovered for another 10 minutes or so.

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