Pizza and Baguettes

Pizza Night!!

This dough was made on Tuesday and was in the fridge for a long cold fermentation, until around 11:30 AM Saturday. (500g flour, 1g yeast, 12g salt, 63% hydration)

Sat on the counter to warm up and continue to rise.

Divided into three balls. One larger and two at just 200g each.

Dough was ready to use by the time I got home from work around 5:30.

Made two mini pizzas, baked in the Ooni.

Rim shot!!

Pepperoni, Olives and green peppers for Moe


Rim Shot!!

Pepperoni and mushroom for me.

Artichoke and Pesto PIzza

Matt used the larger ball to make an Artichoke and Pesto pizza, which he baked at 550°F on a stone in the conventional oven. The pesto was homemade. He harvest a number of our basil plants and made a batch.

This is the same dough that I use in my baguettes. Another 500g batch.

I’ve tried many different pizza dough recipes and haven’t found one I like better than this one.

Baguettes baked early Saturday morning . The dough had been left in the fridge from Tuesday night until 9:00 PM Friday night.

Left out on the counter until 4:00 Saturday morning.

Four baguettes out of the oven before 6:30 AM.

I love the flour that I use for both bread and pizza.

Silver Star.

It is a Canadian flour from Rogers Flour company, and it is one of their Commercial flours.

I’ve been using this flour for years.

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  1. Doris says:

    I really wish there was somewhere to obtain Silver Star in the U.S. Your posts are inspiring to novice bakers like me!

  2. Thank you Doris, I appreciate your feedback. I’m trying to post more to the blog and not just on facebook.

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