Shaping Baguettes – Pictorial

Shaping Baguettes

This dough was made on Tuesday.
750g batch at 75%
After the last Stretch and Fold the dough
went into the fridge for a 19 hour cold fermentation.
Bottom tape is the level of the dough when it went into the container.

Second tape is the level it was at when I took it out of the fridge.

After two hours sitting on the counter,  the dough had reached the 4 qt mark.

4 Qt. Mark

After 3 hours the dough had risen to the top
of the container and was hitting the cover.

Tipped out on to floured board.
Ready to divide and shape.

Divided into six pieces.
Each piece loosely shaped and left
for 20 minutes to rest seam side up.

Shaping baguettes.
I start at one end and fold over, pinching with my fingers.
You can also use the heel of your hand to accomplish this.

Continue folding over and pinching down the length
of the dough

until you reach the end.

Now start over.
Folding the same as first.  As your continue to fold you will
feel the dough tightening up.

Keeping folding and pinching well.

Last fold.
Continue folding down the length of the baguette.

Pinch well to seal

Usually three folds are sufficient for a baguette.

Place baguettes seam side down.
You should notice that the dough is firm with
a tight skin.

Dust each baguette with flour and cover with a tea towel.
Your loaves are now “proofing”.
Proofed, scored/slashed and
ready to slide off the transfer board on to
a stone in a preheated oven.

Just out of the oven.

A 750g batch nets 6 small size baguettes.

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