Baked Pizza twice in the last couple of weeks. 
Started with a 1000g batch of dough.  
Matt picked enough basil from the garden to make a pesto sauce and his pizza was artichoke and pesto. Didn’t get a picture.
And I baked two “Rachetta” pizzas. 
Gave Moe the first one to start while I got the second one on the grill to bake. 
Both with Italian sausage and mushrooms and I used Fior Di Latte, 
a soft cow’s milk mozzarella.
Pictures are of the second Rachetta pizza with a slice of the first. 
The crust was so good. Especially for a same day dough.
~~~ *  ~~~

The next two pizzas were made with 
a sourdough crust. 
Pizza Stella for Matt. 
Edges stuffed with ricotta and fresh mozzarella.
Pizza Cannolo for Moe and I 
With Mushrooms and olives.

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