Sunday Pizza Night

Sunday for pizza night. 
I decided Saturday  morning to feed my starter and make a biga before leaving for work.
Saturday night I used the biga in a batch of sourdough.  It was a 1000g batch that I divided in half and placed in two containers and they went into the fridge. One for pizza and the other I planned to bake as bread on Monday. 
My son took the dough for the pizzas out of the fridge around 1:30 Sunday afternoon so it would have time to warm up and rise and be ready to use by the time I got home.
I baked three pizzas. 
Matt’s Greek potato pizza
His favourite.
 and an Italian Sausage and Mushroom pizza 
were both cooked on the stone on the grill. 
And the third, a Margherita baked on a stone in an Oster French Door convection oven. 
It was baked on the top shelf and finished under the broiler. 
This is the first time I have baked a pizza in this little oven. 
I was pleasantly surprised.

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