Steamed Chicken with Ginger, Garlic and Green Onions

I know this looks like dinner, but it was
actually breakfast.
Steamed Chicken 
with ginger, garlic and green onions.
Served over rice.
No real recipe.  
I brought a pot of water to boil and 
stacked a bamboo steamer on top.
Two steamer baskets each with a
small shallow dish. 
Four small chicken legs in each dish. 
Poured a little Shao Hsing Rice wine over the chicken.
Drizzled with sesame oil, a  little
Thai chili sauce and  a splash of chicken broth.
Topped each with thinly sliced garlic (2 cloves each),
lots of julienned ginger, and the white part (3″ long)  green onions.
(About 10 green onions)
Place the steamer baskets on top of each other,
and cover the top dish with a piece of parchment, tucked in
and cover with bamboo lid. 
Steam until chicken is tender.
About 45 minutes.
Before serving, chop and sprinkle the remaining
green onion over the chicken and serve with rice. 

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