Slow Roasted Corned Beef

We had our St. Patrick’s Day dinner a few days early.
Rather than the typical boiled corned beef 
(which no one here likes)
I slow roasted the corned beef. 
This is my favourite way to prepare a corned beef. 
Seasoned like a pastrami.  
Rubbed with fresh garlic, lots of black pepper, and a little fresh ground coriander,
double wrapped in foil and placed in a covered roasting pan
and slow roasted at 250°F for five to six hours.
I also baked  Sourdough Rye Bread 

Sourdough Biga  
60g sourdough starter 
225g flour 
225g water 
Stir well, cover and leave to rise overnight
200 g rye
400g bread flour
70g whole wheat
20g salt
.50 to 1g yeast (optional)
30g butter melted
22g molasses
400g to 450g water
30g cocoa powder (Optional)
Mix flours, biga and water.  Let rest (Autolyze) for 30 minutes.  
Add salt, butter, molasses (yeast if using).  Mix using the pinch and fold method.
Let rest again for 20 to 30 minutes.
The dough is now ready to stretch and fold.  Do this three times during the first hour. About every 20 minutes.  
If baking the same day, set dough aside covered, and leave to rise until more than doubled.
If baking another day, cover and place in the fridge.  Take out of fridge 2 to 3 hours prior to shaping.  The dough needs to come to room temperature and begin rising again.
Tip dough out on to floured board.  Divide in half and shape into two loaves. (or make smaller loaves).
Dust loaves with flour, cover with tea towel and leave to proof.  
Preheat oven to 375°F.
Slash loaves, brush with an egg wash.  Bake on a stone or on a parchment covered baking sheet for approximately 45 to 50 minutes.  Internal temperature should be at least 200°F to 210°F.

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  1. Oh Ann..does it taste like smoked meat ? Or pastrami?It looks fantastic.I can't find corned beef here.Linda makes it too..

  2. Monique, no unfortunately it doesn't taste smoked like pastrami, but the seasoning is the same as pastrami. I'm not a fan of the corned beef boiled dinner. But I love it cooked this way.~Ann

  3. Your slow roasted corn beef makes me wonder why someone didn't suggest it sooner. Thank you. I too am not a fan of boiled meat. Your rye bread looks delicious. I buy a loaf occasionally from a German baker at the farmers market. It is exceptional. I have tried to replicate it, but it does not measure up. Maybe one day. 🙂

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