Wild Yeast Sourdough Bread

I’ve started baking sourdough breads again.
I have been neglecting my sourdough starters for well over a month.
Normally I feed them on a weekly basis even if I not using them.
So two weeks ago I started feeding them again.
I’ve baked sourdough twice in the last week.
The process is to take the starter out of the fridge in the evening and 
feed it, and use some of the discard to make a preferment (Biga).
In the morning, the starter has doubled 
and so has the preferment.
The starter goes back into the fridge until next feeding.
(Think of it as your baby).
And the preferment goes into a batch of bread dough
The formula I use is:
60g starter
225g of water
225g of flour
Once it has doubled it is added to 
a 1000g (flour) batch of dough, or 
divided into two and added to two 500g batches of dough
This batch was baked last week.

I added one gram of yeast,  just a tiny bit (1/8th teaspoon) 
to the batard dough, for insurance.
I wanted to test the strength of my starter.

The Boule was 100% sourdough.
These next loaves were baked last night 
and they are all 100% Wild Yeast Sourdough.
Four batards
I added a small amount  of organic rye to these loaves 
Great crust 
crumb, and flavour.

The complete recipe with options
can be found here:

Artisan Style Breads

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Big Dude says:

    Outstanding looking breads and I think sourdough may be my favorite.

  2. Your snadwich bread is lovely..but I find your artisinal shapes and looks outstanding Ann.Works of art..and so photogenic.

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