Lamb, Lamb and More Lamb

We have really been enjoying the  lamb that
we bought last month,
I’ve been trying to cook lamb at least once a week.
So far we have had a Rack of Lamb.
With a mint sauce.
This was the first meal.
And since then we have had 
Lamb Shanks
Done Greek style and served with rice, green beans 
Potatoes and Greek Salad.

Basic Outline for Greek Lamb Shanks

The shanks are browned first on top of the stove.
Then I add garlic cloves,
 a couple of onions halved or quartered,
 oregano, salt and pepper,
 the juice of a lemon and a splash of chicken broth.
 Covered and cooked in the oven at 375°f.
When the lamb is almost done,
I add the potatoes to the pan and finished in the oven.


Lamb Stew
Also Greek Style cooked with zucchini, and olives, both
green and Kalamata., topped with feta cheese.
 Lamb Chops.
with Parisienne Potatoes and Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts
and roasted cherry tomatoes.
Next up will either be a leg of lamb or maybe shoulder. 

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Big Dude says:

    We weren't raised on lamb and while I enjoy it, Bev is not a fan. I wish I had been dining with you as they all look like delicious preparations.

  2. Disco David says:

    Your photos of the lamb meals are terrific. They make me very hungry. Nice post.The Old Fat Guy

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