Whole Wheat Bread

Whole Wheat Bread 
 I’ve never been a fan of whole wheat bread.

But I decided that now I have a source for fresh milled flour 

I would give whole wheat another try.

I just winged my basic recipe,  using fresh milled red fife organic wheat, 

500g of the red fife and 500g of my usual high protein white flour. 

I also added 80g of a homemade 11 multi grain mix, 

given to me by Pam, the owner of my favourite new store – Scoops Natural Foods.

I added the multi grain mix to the water (70% hydration) in a bucket and let it sit for 20 minutes before mixing in the flours. 

Left to rest (autolyze) for 30 minutes before mixing in the 

4 g of yeast and 26 g of salt. 

Left to rest again for 20 minutes before finishing with the pinch and folds. 

I did three more folds over the next 60 minutes before placing the dough in the fridge for an overnight rise.
The dough came out of the fridge in the morning at  5:30 AM.
The rise was good, even in the fridge overnight the dough more than tripled. 
It was easy to work with – and it was proofed in less than an hour. 
Baked in preheated dutch ovens.

The bread came out of the oven around 9:30 AM and I left it too cool while we went into town. 
We didn’t get back until around 2:00 
and Moe was hungry so I sliced into the loaf,


and made him a tomato sandwich. 

I’m very pleased with the way my whole wheat bread turned out. 

I’m still not a big fan of the WW, but I’ll probably continue to experiment because

Moe really liked it. 

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