My Favourite Bread

This is my basic everyday bread.

Makes wonderful baguettes, large boules, mini baguettes or small boules or buns.
With a longer fermentation, it also makes a great pizza crust.

This week’s batch I made into small boules. 
Too big to use as buns,
but the perfect size when sliced to make a sandwich for two or to toast.

The bread can be made and baked the same day, or the dough can
go into the fridge for a longer fermentation.

It can also be adapted to make a sourdough version.

I also adjust the hydration from 68% to 92% depending on the crumb I want.

Basic Baguette Dough 

1000g white
720g water
4 to 5 g yeast
26g salt

 I use the pinch and fold method  to knead this dough by hand.
With a couple of rests (autolyze) between steps.

For a sourdough version, I make a sourdough biga
(500g with 100% hydration)

and just add it to the above.

This bread was started early afternoon.
I had to go out for a few hours so the dough went into the fridge.
Taken out around 4:00 PM

and the bread came out of the oven at 9:30 PM.

It was still cooling when I went to bed, so I just left it on
a rack, covered with a tea towel.

Sliced for breakfast.
I love that I can get this kind of crumb with same day bread.

This bread also freezes well.
Just wrap in paper towels and then into freezer bags.

9 Comments Add yours

  1. Unknown says:

    Sigh! Drool! Darn! I have to go change shirts since I slobbered all over this one staring at those gorgeous bread pictures.

  2. I am sorry to gush, but you are the best bread baker. I am in awe at your skill. I love the small loaves for empty-nesters. MadonnaMakeMineLemon

  3. Thanks Madonna. I wish I had thought of making smaller loaves years ago. I love the small Boules and the mini baguette size. They freeze well I have a few friends that like to be on the receiving end of homemade bread and they love to receive a couple of the smaller loaves.

  4. Unknown says:

    Wow love the crumb !

  5. Unknown says:

    Such lovely breads!!! But what temp did you use to make the breads and was there a dutch oven involved?

  6. Ariel, I bake almost all my breads on a stone in the oven at 500°F. Occasionally I will bake a large round in a Dutch Oven, but not oven.

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