On The Menu ………..

A few of our recent meals.
 One of my ‘go to meals’ when I want something quick and easy.
 One of Moe’s favourite dinners.
One day last week.
Garnished with homemade croutons.
Served with Roasted Potatoes and local Shiitake Mushrooms.
Bacon, Potato and Green Onion Omelet.
With a side of  pasta.
With the addition of Oatmeal, Orange Zest and Walnuts.

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  1. You really should learn how to cook dear Ann~:)What feasts you prepare..It's been years now that I have gleaned many of your recipes..Thank you for each and every one..for your mouth watering photos..your wood board talents..everything!I baked at Caro's..and our pets de soeurs were cut on their board:) I love seeing it there :)Happy Holidays to you and Moe….I am in the kitchen ..baking..surprise surprise:)It's sunny..it feels good.

  2. Ann, I would have a hard time choosing from your menu. One of each please!

  3. I would not turn any of these dishes away from my kitchen. Enjoy the upcoming holidays and all the celebrations that come with it!

  4. Every day is a feast at your home. Lucky Moe!!!

  5. Ann, your meals always make my mouth water. My favorite go to meal is roast chicken and pasta with garlic, oil, parmesan, and thinly sliced green onion. I could eat it everyday.

  6. I also would like to add, I am enjoying my two cutting boards and knife magnet board so very much. Thank you so much for allowing me to own some of your incredible art.

  7. Thank you Monique. You are always so supportive. Happy Holidays to you, Jacques and your wonderful family.

  8. Debbie I see you were able to get that cute little piggy. I love all of your Christmas decorations.

  9. Thanks Brenda. I love getting feedback from friends that have our boards and are using them. Happy Holidays. ~Ann

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