Barb’s Dessert

We had dinner again Saturday night with Barb And Clif.
Barb’s last night at home before heading back to Edmonton.
Barb and Clif are our next door neighbours.
Barb works out of province and gets home for a week every four to six weeks.
We always have a “girls” day.  Heading in to Victoria to shop and have lunch.
And we usually have dinner with them at least twice the week she is home.
Saturday night’s dinner was wonderful.  
A whole beef tenderloin on the grill served with baked potatoes, and corn on the cob.
If that wasn’t good enough, Barb also made dessert.
Lovely little tarts 
filled with a milk chocolate ganache 
and topped with 
 tiny little raspberries from their own raspberry bush.

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  1. They are cute Ann..and my daughter made your white choc raspberry tart:) Again…

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