Tex-Mex Chicken and Rice with Olives and Tomatoes

I saw a picture, on Tastespotting for a Chicken and Rice dish that looked really appealing.
The link took me to – Snacking in the Kitchen
where I found a recipe for 
One Pot Wonder – Chicken and Rice with Olives and Tomatoes.
This is a very simple recipe easy to make and quite tasty.
I used the recipe as basic guide ( I didn’t measure the ingredients)  and only made a couple of very minor changes.
The first change was in method.
The original recipe calls for sauting the onions, garlic and peppers (the recipe used a Poblano pepper, which I didn’t have on hand, so I subbed a large mild Jalapeno Pepper),  and then adding the chicken and continuing to cook until the chicken is browned.
 My experience is that the chicken would take longer to brown in with the onions, 
so I sauted the onions, garlic and pepper first, and then removed the onion mixture from the pan.  Browned the chicken and then added  back in the onions.
Rather than Jasmine Rice I used Basmati because that is what I always have on hand.
I just happened to have homemade turkey broth  so that is what I used for the liquid. 
Added just enough to cover the rice, topped with a lid and turned the heat to low. 
Checked after 15 minutes, gave it another 5 minutes and removed from the heat.
Put a layer of paper  towels under the lid and left to rest for 10 minutes.
Tossed in the green olives, chopped tomatoes 
a handful of chopped cilantro. 
The Cilantro was not in the original recipe, but it was a great addition.  
Original Recipe can be found on Snacking in the Kitchen.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. This is the kind of med week meal I am craving these days.

  2. I really love rice and so does J..we always have Basmati and a few other kinds on hand..This sounds really good..I always put paper towel between the lid and the pot when I make it in the microwave success..Sounds like you found and recreated another winner ann~

  3. Linda says:

    Ann this looks like something we both would really enjoy…but then everything you make looks like something we would really enjoy!I wish I had seen this earlier…I took out some chicken…next time!

  4. Candace says:

    My family would absolutely adore this dish! It looks amazing. I think cilantro is a good addition to just about everything. Thanks so much for stopping by to see me and leaving a comment. I am now following along with you via email so that I don't ever miss a post.

  5. Sounds wonderful and comforting! Perfect for our cold streak~

  6. Unknown says:

    So happy you were inspired by the recipe. Thank you for giving it a try – your version looks beautiful!

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