On The Menu

 First week of the New Year.
Although I haven’t posted much in the way of meals over the holiday season, we are still eating well.

Our son, Matt , has been here visiting and I’ve been cooking some of his favourite meals.   
On the menu this week was:


Beef Stew with Dumplings

and last night I roasted a 
New York Strip Roast 
and made Yorkshire Puddings. 



Yorkshire Puddings

8 Comments Add yours

  1. I am so going to try your puddings..I made 2 sets of popovers this holiday season that never popped..These are glorious..Lucky men.

  2. Unknown says:

    Wonderful Yorkshire puddings, mine never get that puffy.

  3. denimflyz says:

    I just wanted to pop in and say \”hi\” and to tell you how much I appreciate your wonderful, do-able recipes and ingredients. They are so user friendly, I just wish I was close to seafood. I am land locked in Nebraska, only beef running around.I can order some seafood through our Schwans driver.Thank you for all of the posts of 2011 and I look so forward to 2012 recipes and your perfect choice of meals.Cheers to you and yours

  4. Anonymous says:

    Your food looks so appetizing and, thankfully doable.

  5. Linda says:

    They look amazing…everything looks amazing…my Yorkies did not give me enough time to photograph them before they were on the table…I made them, two days in a row…the second time I realized that if I kept them in the turned off oven with the door held open with a wooden spoon, they stayed puffed and did not deflate…I was even able to reheat the, the following day in the toaster oven…I want dinner at your house Ann!

  6. Pam says:

    Yorkshire Puddings! I love them! My family always waits eagerly for a batch with a yummy roast beef. Yours are glorious! Well done!Isn't it wonderful cooking for a son? Happy New Year!

  7. It looks like you found the secret to popovers that really pop. I'm sure your son enjoyed everything on the week's menu.

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