Asian Chicken Patties with Salad

 Before leaving for work this morning I took two boneless chicken breasts out of the freezer and stuck them in the fridge.  My intention was to grill them for dinner.  But the more I thought about dinner the more I wanted something with an Asian twist.  
I decided to do a new take on an old recipe – Spicy Chicken Cakes
We both enjoyed the Asian version so much, I  might never make the original recipe again.

Asian Chicken Cakes

Note: I didn’t measure anything when I made these.  So I wrote up the recipe as approximate.  Use the recipe as an outline and adjust seasoning to suit personal taste.

1 pound chicken breasts

3/4 cup fresh grated bread crumbs
1 egg
1 large clove of garlic
Fresh ginger
Asian chili pepper paste
Splash of rice wine vinegar
Green onions

Grind chicken breasts in Food processor until it looks like ground chicken. Do not over process. Empty in to large bowl. Add fresh grated bread crumbs.

Add egg, minced garlic clove and minced ginger to food processor and pulse. Add green onion, cilantro and splash of rice wine vinegar and chili pepper paste. Pulse to coarsely puree.

Add to chicken and bread crumbs. Mix by hand. Fry a taste test piece and adjust seasoning as needed.

Shape in to patties. Heat skillet, add peanut oil and saute until cooked. Patties should be lightly browned on both sides. Place in oven to keep warm while cooking remaining patties. (I used a cast iron skillet).

Serve with Asian Salad.


Mixed lettuce greens
Red pepper cut into strips
White onion sliced
Sliced green onion
Bean sprouts
Shredded carrot
Chopped cilantro
Toasted sesame seeds

Add all salad ingredients together in a large bowl except for toasted sesame seeds.


Rice Wine Vinegar
Peanut Oil
tablespoon or two of Thai Sweet Chili Sauce
Minced/grated ginger
Minced/grated garlic
Sesame oil

Mix ingredients for salad dressing together in a small bowl. Pour over salad mix. Top with toasted sesame seeds.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. These look delicious, Ann. I haven't made them in awhile – I'll have to make them soon. The Asian salad you made to go with looks perfect with it. This would be a great after-work meal!

  2. fuat gencal says:

    Hayırlı Haftalar, Ellerinize sağlık. Çok leziz ve iştah açıcı görünüyor. (Bugün bloglardan seçmelerde lezzet adasının saç kavurması tarifi yayınlandı.(ılarımla.

  3. Linda says:

    Girl…this looks like a feast fit for a queen!Delicious!

  4. Ot is easy to see why these would become a new favourite. That's my cue to get into the kitchen.

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